Krissie F.


“Nature Fresh Farms is home to me.”

Since 2016, Krissie F. has gained a great deal of experience at Nature Fresh Farms in a wide variety of roles. While she took some time off after graduating high school and getting married, Krissie has come to see this company as her family! Working in a range of positions – from Human Resources Administrator to Kitchen Assistant to Receptionist – Krissie has found a home with our Marketing team as a Marketing Coordinator.

Many of Krissie’s roles, including her current position with our Marketing team, have given her the opportunity to develop new skills and grow: “I love to learn, and I thrive off change. I also love to talk to people, invest in their lives, and build relationships with them. I have grown so much as a person both professionally and personally since joining the Nature Fresh Farms team!”

Krissie’s change to the Marketing team has reassured her just how much she enjoys working at this company: “This change has been so amazing, and I love what I do. I have met so many great people at Nature Fresh Farms–everyone looks out for one another, so it’s like a family. I love this team!”

Family and her personal relationships are incredibly important to Krissie, so much of her free time is spent with those she loves. She also spends a lot of time with her husband serving at their local church.

As a Marketing Coordinator, Krissie works hard each day to support the Marketing team’s day-to-day activities. Krissie also helps coordinate details for internal and external events, as well as communicates with other departments to help complete a range of internal projects. Krissie is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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