Bug Brigade

“No, I’m not a moth!”

As one of the few good bug species in our greenhouses that can fly, the Lacewing is one of our hardest working beneficial bios. As soon as we started growing fresh veggies in our greenhouse farms, we looked to our friend the Lacewing to keep bad bugs at bay. Every season this insect is welcomed into our greenhouses with open arms!

We caught up with one of our Lacewing bugs to see what the real difference is between them and the common moth: “We may look similar, but we’re not moths! Our light green bodies help us blend in to all the leaves in the greenhouse, making it easy for us to sneak up on bad bugs like Aphids! But moths? They are much more diverse in shape and size than us, and they even like to eat clothes – yuck!”

It is a simple process to introduce Lacewing insects into our greenhouses at the beginning of a new season: “When I got here, I was inside a tube with lots of my friends and family. When the Bio Scouts were ready to send us out into the greenhouse, they poked a hole in the top of our tube and out we went! From then on, it was go-time.”

Although we release hundreds of thousands of Lacewing adults and larvae into our greenhouses at the start of a new season, their light green bodies make it almost impossible to spot them again! But we rest assured knowing they’re fighting bad bugs day in and day out.

We bring Lacewing bugs into our greenhouses for one important job: to fight bad bugs – especially Aphids – and keep our crops safe! With the help of the Lacewing and many other beneficial bios, we can manage pest populations responsibly. Our Lacewing bugs are essential members of our #GrowToPeople team!

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