Linda S.

Human Resources

“Everyone should get involved with their community!”

Linda S. is a mom of three who moved from the big city – Toledo, OH – to Delta, OH four years ago. When she started working for Nature Fresh Farms at the Maumee, OH warehouse, Linda knew she was becoming a part of something exciting – delivering fresh, high quality food to people all over North America!

At the warehouse in Maumee, Linda is always looking for a positive attitude from her team: “People know that I always expect teamwork! And our team in Maumee has an important role to play in helping our company be successful, so working together is essential.”

Family plays a huge role in Linda’s life: “My free time is spent mainly with my nine-year-old daughter and our horses, at my son’s bowling tournaments, or spending quality time visiting my oldest son. We put in a lot of hard work with my daughter’s horse this year, and she placed in the Speed Series Contest at Harry Hughes Youth Equestrian Center – this was a big moment for us!”

Community is also something Linda has come to value, especially since moving to Delta: “I think getting involved in your community is really important. I’m really lucky because in Delta, we all help each other out – with raking, shoveling snow, or visiting neighbors in need.”

As the Human Resources Generalist at the Maumee, OH warehouse, Linda works every day towards creating a positive workplace environment for her team and ensuring everyone knows their role is equally important – she is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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