Lisa D.


“I saw how beautifully organized Nature Fresh Farms was and thought it would be a great place to work.”

While Lisa D. is currently working and living in Leamington, ON, she grew up in Mexico with her parents and five siblings. Lisa worked as a restaurant cook while she lived in Mexico, but when she moved to Canada, she decided to find a different type of job. That’s how she ended up working in our Leamington-based Warehouses!

Working in a fast-paced Warehouse environment requires a mix of hard and soft skills, which Lisa has further developed while working as part of our team: “In this job you have to be a good communicator, team leader, and have a positive attitude when working with different people. I’m also a motivated and determined person which has helped me to succeed.”

Among other factors, the organization and cleanliness of our facilities is very important to Lisa: “I saw how large of a company Nature Fresh Farms is, but I also saw how nicely organized and clean it is. I felt like it would be a great place to work, and so far my feeling has been right! It’s nice to know that everything is grown and packaged with so much care, as well.”

Lisa’s wedding day, moving to Canada, and purchasing her own home were all defining moments for her and her family! But when it comes to her day-to-day life, Lisa enjoys cooking, shopping, going for drives, doing yardwork, and sewing.

As a member of our Warehouse team, Lisa always gives her very best effort to ensure our produce is packed properly and safely. Lisa also works hard every day to be punctual and use her time efficiently to get all her tasks completed. Lisa is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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