Lisa W.


“I am happy to work for a company that I think is fair to their people.”

Lisa W. moved from Mexico to Canada when she was 16 years old. For her, Canada was a new and strange place, and right away, her and her family had trouble finding work doing something they enjoyed. However, for the past four years, Lisa, her two younger sisters, and her father have been working at Nature Fresh Farms!

Lisa and her family were farmers back in Mexico, so it felt natural to stay in agriculture and start working in a greenhouse once they came to Canada: “The experience we gained working on our family farm helped us easily make the change into greenhouse and packing work.”

Cherishing time with family plays a huge role in Lisa’s life – she often spends her free time helping at home, and she attends church every Sunday. That’s why, when one of her sisters suddenly passed away a few years ago, Lisa’s life really changed: “It took a big piece out of my heart when she passed. She and I were always together.” Through the hard times, Lisa knows she can always rely on her family for support.

At Nature Fresh Farms, Lisa is glad that her and her family are treated well: “After working at other companies that didn’t treat us how we thought we deserved, I am happy to be working at a company that I believe is fair.”

Our Warehouse is always busy, but among the hustle and bustle, you can often find Lisa with the rest of the Quality Assurance team as they grade our products before they travel to our Distribution Center. She is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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