Luci F.


“So many of our team members are dedicated and hard workers – they inspire me!”

In 2008, Luci F. settled in southern Ontario – but before she moved to Canada, she lived and worked in many different places, including Japan and the USA. Luci’s first passion was environmental education, which is what she studied in school and found related work in. Later, she started working in the manufacturing industry. Now, Luci is using her past work experience in unique ways with our company!

Perseverance, creative thinking, and a willingness to learn have all been essential for Luci to find success in her role: “I didn’t realize how competitive this industry is until I was working in it – I had a lot to learn from the very first day I started, and I realized that I needed to commit to my role if I was going to solve problems and think creatively in such a fast-paced environment.”

In her position, Luci is constantly researching and testing new packaging concepts, with a special focus on more sustainable options: “I went to school for environmental education because I believe that we should all have a good stewardship with nature. Now I get to apply my passion for the environment to developing new and more sustainable packaging solutions!”

One of Luci’s most defining moments was giving birth to her daughter – a moment that changed her life in the best way possible. Luci loves spending time with her family, cherishing every moment that they share together (big or small).

Luci’s role involves working collaboratively with many different departments to research, test, and launch new packaging concepts for our brand. With so many details to consider in packaging design and functionality, this is no small task – but Luci is always up for the challenge! Luci is one of our #GrowToPeople.

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