Maggie P.


“Nature Fresh Farms provides so many people with stable jobs and healthy food.”

In Tilbury, ON, where Maggie P. was born and raised, she was never able to find very many different job opportunities. During and after she graduated high school, Maggie worked at a local coffee chain for a few years, but she recently joined our team in our newest Warehouse in Leamington, ON!

One of Maggie’s defining moments was starting at our company and getting the opportunity to learn and develop her skills: “I am a fast learner, I can work well with others, and I like to work hard to do the best that I can. When I started here, I made friends very quickly with my co-workers, and my experience overall has been really enjoyable.”

Maggie is looking forward to what 2020 will bring: “In 2019 I was happy to have found a new job that has many opportunities for me to succeed, but in 2020 I’m excited to spend even more time with friends and family. I’m also possibly getting baptized!”

Alongside spending her free time with friends, family, and her boyfriend, Maggie enjoys occasionally working on art projects. She enjoys practicing pointillism and shading.

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