Maheshwari M.


“I’m excited to learn more about the industry and see where my career path takes me!”

When Maheshwari (Mahe) M. moved to Canada in 2016, she went to the University of Windsor and completed her Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering with a major in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Nature Fresh Farms has been Mahe’s first real job since completing her schooling, and for her, it has been a great opportunity to discover her strengths.

It was a big deal for Mahe to move to Canada because she came to the country alone: “I never could have guessed what challenges I was going to encounter when I moved to Canada, but I fell in love with the country and the people, and I always felt welcome here.”

When Mahe first started working at Nature Fresh Farms, she was a Logistics Assistant in our Warehouse: “Nature Fresh Farms gave me the opportunity to move to the office side of Logistics and become a Logistics Coordinator. Everyone in this company is so welcoming and helpful – they are basically a family away from home for me.”

Living independently and becoming a young professional makes Mahe excited about what her future holds: “I hope my parents are proud of me for becoming the independent and self-sustaining woman I am today. Since I am still relatively new in the industry, I am really looking forward to learning more about the greenhouse business and how my career will develop within it.”

As a Logistics Coordinator, Mahe spends her days communicating with our carriers about load confirmations and rates, as well as tracking and clearing customs orders. In the world of Logistics, changes happen every minute – you need to stay on your toes and always be prepared to react! Mahe is one of the #GrowToPeople.

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