Melissa A.


“Nature Fresh Farms emulates positivity in every way imaginable.”

Accounting was not always Melissa A.’s field of choice – for three years, she studied Respiratory Therapy before realizing healthcare wasn’t for her. However, when she went back to school for Business and graduated with an Accounting specialization, she was excited and ready to find work in the field!

Melissa is grateful to have found a position with our company soon after graduation, especially with her family’s history: “My grandparents worked in horticulture in Holland, so working for a business that has a ‘green thumb’ was an admirable factor to consider when I was job hunting!”

For Melissa, our leadership’s involvement in the community is very important: “I knew of Nature Fresh Farms’ positive involvement in the community before I even worked here – it makes me very proud to now work for this company!”

Even if you don’t know Melissa, you immediately pick up on her kindness and willingness to help others – and she is always open to learning new things (which happens every day at Nature Fresh Farms)!

In her role as an Accounting Clerk, Melissa is responsible for distributing labor and material costs for certain packing projects, assisting Accounts Receivable, and ensuring the Sales office is stocked and document packages are accurately filed. Melissa is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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