Mike F.


“Nature Fresh Farms is all about finding new and exciting ways to make a difference.”

While he was born and raised in Leamington, ON, Mike F. completed his schooling in Cleveland, OH on a Golf Scholarship. When he returned home to Canada, Mike settled down to start a family and found his career path shift from Law Enforcement to Sales and Purchasing. In 2020, Mike joined the Nature Fresh Farms Purchasing team and couldn’t be happier!

Finding a position with our Purchasing team has proved to be an exciting new career opportunity with a great team: “The old adage followed through: ‘When one good door closed, an even better door opened’! We make an outstanding team here at Nature Fresh Farms—I’m really looking forward to growing with this company in all aspects.”

Our company’s commitment to making a difference is something Mike admires: “When it comes to sustainability, together we can do anything we put our minds to! From saving water, to using compostable wrapping, these small things are what makes a difference. What we do for our local communities is also almost unheard of anymore, which makes me very proud to tell people who I work for. Great family, great company!”

As an avid golfer, Mike likes spending as much of his free time as possible on the golf course (and when his family can join him there, even better)! Mike is also looking forward to watching his two children, Avery and Brody, grow up.

Being part of our Purchasing team means Mike is responsible for making smart purchases for our farm operations that save both money and natural resources wherever possible. He also ensures everything we buy arrives as it should, and that projects always get completed with a smile! Mike is one of our #GrowToPeople.

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