Mike M.


“We don’t have any family in Canada, but we do have an extended family in this company.”

Mike M. and his wife moved to Canada in 2015, and the first job he had was at Nature Fresh Farms, packing Peppers. He was told by the Human Resources team that he would have a chance to grow within this company – but he had no idea that two weeks after getting hired, he would move into the Marketing department to use his skills in content development and graphic design!

Marketing wasn’t the first career path Mike explored – he first went to school to be a doctor, but after three months, he knew it wasn’t his calling. Next, Mike went back to school to become a lawyer: “I finished my degree and dedicated a lot of time to studying law, but it wasn’t something I was passionate about. Then I found marketing and design – something I genuinely enjoyed!”

Nature Fresh Farms holds a special place in Mike’s heart: “It’s a place I call work but that makes me feel at home. There is a real family culture at Nature Fresh Farms that makes it a great place to work.”

Mike’s most defining moment was getting married: “Since that moment, my life has been dedicated to building a life with a person who supports me and all my crazy ideas. My wife and I now have a family and I get to experience the love of a daughter and my precious dog Leia every single day.”

Mike can be found behind a camera lens capturing our company’s most important moments and using his creative eye to create digital content, new packaging designs, and trade materials. Mike is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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