Mike S.


“Nature Fresh Farms has given me the opportunity to grow in a career I am passionate about. The supportive, people-first environment here makes me feel like I can reach my untapped professional potential each day!”

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Mike S. is the middle of three boys raised by a single mother. Mike’s Mom worked long hours to provide for her family and teach her children that no matter your obstacles, the people you love always come first.

Mike’s upbringing was full of change allowing him to develop a flexible and even temperament “I learned really quickly to embrace change. Change is always scary, but it challenges you to find new strength within yourself and grow from it. I have moved all over the country chasing my personal and professional goals and am incredibly proud of who I am because of those experiences.”

Mike is most passionate about connecting with people and helping them to relay complex information: “I believe people tell their own stories. People are often far more eloquent than they give themselves credit for, and all I do is try to create a relaxed environment for them to speak about their knowledge and passions. As a content producer, I find the most joy in unlocking an expert’s brilliance and making that information accessible for people who want to learn more.”

As a Content Specialist, Mike creates blogs, social media posts, and other marketing materials to spread the word and the happenings at Nature Fresh Farms. To be successful in his role Mike needs to be personable and reliable with a sharp eye for detail. Mike is one of our #GrowToPeople.

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