Morgan G.


“There are plenty of people at Nature Fresh Farms willing to mentor you and help you get to your full potential.”

Morgan G. is no stranger when it comes to the farming industry in Leamington, ON: she grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Essex, ON, and she has loved watching her family’s crops grow as the seasons pass. While Morgan recently graduated from the University of Windsor’s Communications, Media, and Film program, she loves the rewarding work of agriculture and is excited to jumpstart her career with our team!

Since joining our team, Morgan has come to learn a lot about what makes our work culture special: “Nature Fresh Farms is beyond accommodating when it comes to helping with your career goals. There are people in various departments willing to mentor you, and here, a job is not ‘just a job’: it is something that you can feel rewarded in and excited about every day.”

One of the most important parts about Morgan’s role in our Accounting department is supporting our team: “I’ve come to realize here that work can be a place where you grow together as a team. If you are ever stressed or need a helping hand, there are people to help you through. It has been a very special experience to bond together with the team so easily.”

As someone who likes to be creative, Morgan enjoys spending her free time growing her photography and residential painting businesses. Morgan keeps herself busy with projects like upcycling antiques, designing art pieces, and painting murals and home interiors!

Not only does Morgan assist with Accounts Receivable tasks wherever needed, she also helps with processing and verifying invoices, as well as filing, scanning, and copying Accounting paperwork. Morgan is one of our #GrowToPeople.

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