Nancy B.


“I like that you can go up to anyone here and they’ll be ready to help you.”

About 8 years ago, Nancy B. moved to Leamington, ON with her family. She started working at Nature Fresh Farms just over 2 years ago and she has truly enjoyed her time with our team. Working in our Warehouse has been Nancy’s first full-time job, so she has had a lot of new skills to develop and knowledge to gain, but it has been a great learning experience for her!

One of Nancy’s most important responsibilities is monitoring one of our sticker machines: “I need to know how every part of the machine works so I can make sure it doesn’t miss a single Pepper and it is always running the way it is supposed to. It’s important for me to pay very close attention to a lot of little details.”

While working in the Warehouse, Nancy has met people from many different backgrounds: “Everyone here is very friendly, and it’s great that people from so many different cultures can work together and understand each other. And I always like meeting new people!”

During her spare time, Nancy enjoys helping around the house and hanging out with her friends. Nancy also enjoys attending church on Sundays with her parents and siblings!

Alongside paying close attention to the machine she manages, Nancy is also responsible for staying organized to ensure all the products being put through the line are handled properly. And if any other tasks come her way, Nancy is always willing to help! Nancy is one of our #GrowToPeople.

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