Nicole H.

Food Safety

“I have learned not to just ‘look the other way’ – but to be the helping hand, to spread goodness wherever possible and to not leave anyone behind.”

Nicole H. is a determined goal-setter with ten years of experience in the Michigan automotive industry and an Associate Degree in General Studies. In a completely different industry, she now works for Nature Fresh Farms as the Food Safety/Maintenance Administrative Assistant in Delta, OH!

About four years ago, Nicole experienced a defining moment when she witnessed a car accident during a horrible snow storm in Michigan. She helped an elderly man who lost control of his car and ended up vanishing down an embankment. After helping him, Nicole says this experience completely changed her outlook on life: “I have started each day with happiness, hope, and thankfulness since then. I do my absolute best to brighten another person’s day and to be generous whenever I can.”

What’s next for Nicole? She is looking forward to potentially pursuing her Masters or even Doctorate Degree in either Business or Psychology, as well as training to run her first 5k and obstacle course (hopefully the Warrior Dash, which is both)!

Greeting visitors with a smile, keeping up the service board for maintenance orders, and distributing supplies throughout the Delta, OH facility are all important parts of Nicole’s role. She is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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