Mike F.


“Nature Fresh Farms is more than a job; it represents growth in my chosen trade and a bright future.”

Farm-raised in Essex County, third year Apprentice Electrician Mike F. has deep roots in growing. Six years into his Nature Fresh Farms career, Mike takes pride in powering a greenhouse many times larger than the asparagus farm he was raised on.

As an Electrician, excellence in his role requires a unique combination of practical, technical, and social skills. “You need to have great people skills to maintain positive relationships with the other Maintenance workers and external contractors we work with. Also, skills in math and a willingness to work with your hands are essential. I have always enjoyed math since taking high school physics and I am so happy I stuck with it. The work we do is always fun, intriguing, and it keeps me busy.”

Electrical safety is Mike’s primary focus. Our Electricians ensure our greenhouses are fully wired to code so our Growers and warehouse team can work effectively and without incident. “My job entails me to work in a variety of unique situations while managing the multiple different complex machinery the farm has. Overseeing the electrical maintenance really boils down to making sure everyone is taken care of and protected.”

In his spare time, Mike is an avid trap shooter. This marksman sport spring-loads clay pigeons into a machine, hurling them 30 ft. into the air. Eagerly awaiting are sharp shooters like Mike who attempt to blast them out of the sky.

Mike and the electrical team are responsible for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting the electrical wiring in our greenhouses, distribution centers, and offices. The safe and efficient operation of our complex growing systems would not be possible without their expertise. Mike is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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