Phyllis R.


“Over my 18 years of working here, I’ve developed a few very close friendships. We’re a big family here.”

Originally from a small community in Newfoundland, Phyllis R. moved to southwestern Ontario in 1997. Phyllis worked in fish factories for many years on the east coast, so when she made the move to Ontario, she started working at a local fishery. When the fishery closed, Phyllis stumbled upon some work at a greenhouse company – and that’s when Phyllis’ career with Nature Fresh Farms began!

Although she is now a member of our Discovery Center team, Phyllis has held many different roles within our company: “I first started as a Crop Worker, pruning plants and picking Peppers. After a while I started doing a little bit of work here and there with some different trial varieties (back when we didn’t have the Discovery Center). I also was a Greenhouse Supervisor for a year!”

Working in the Discovery Center means Phyllis gets to experience new and exciting things every single day: “I get to do everything from interacting with different people who are part of the consumer panel, to testing new varieties, to creating product displays for meetings that showcase our trial varieties. To juggle all these tasks, you need to have an eye for detail and be good at multitasking.”

Spending quality time with her granddaughter is one of Phyllis’ favorite things to do after work hours. They have sleepovers, baking dates, and even Disney on Ice events to attend! Phyllis is also involved in her community, often supporting various church initiatives and local events like Hogs for Hospice.

In our trial greenhouse and research center, Phyllis is responsible for weighing and testing trial varieties, collecting and entering data, and conducting our consumer panels so new “rock star” varieties can be identified and potentially brought to market! Phyllis is one of our #GrowToPeople.

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