Rui F.


“To me, Nature Fresh Farms means family, team, success, innovation, community, and health. I love working here!”

Rui F. came to Canada from Portugal when he was 18 years old and helped to sponsor his parents and sister to make the move with him. Now married and with a family of his own, Rui is proud of the opportunities for growth he has found since moving.

A member of the Nature Fresh Farms team for nearly a year, Rui has always worked in food in some capacity: “My family business at home was in the fish industry, operating a fishing vessel and selling the fish at retail and market levels. As I became an adult it was second nature to pursue a career in food.”

A lifelong people person, Rui credits his ability to make trusting relationships as a key to success in his role: “People skills and teamwork are so important. It takes trusting in the person next to you to be able to successfully manage a team. It truly takes help and cooperation from every member to keep things running smoothly.”

In his spare time, it is important for Rui to spend quality time with his family, keep in shape, and have time to himself by reading books and watching documentaries.

As a Warehouse Manager, Rui is responsible for managing our packing warehouses, allocating labor, and ensuring product flows efficiently and safely per our high food quality standards. Rui is one of our #GrowToPeople.

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