Santosh V.


“I don’t feel out of place at Nature Fresh Farms. It has become my second family.”

Santosh V. was raised in Punjab, India, and eventually moved to Canada in 2014 to find work and begin a better life. She has two kids – one son is currently living in India and her daughter resides with her in Canada with her grandchildren. In 2015 she started working at Nature Fresh Farms and has enjoyed it ever since!

From the beginning Santosh knew Nature Fresh Farms was a good fit because of the people and the company culture: “I chose to work at Nature Fresh Farms because the work environment is so nice. I see that they care about all of their employees, and I always feel at home when I’m here.”

Throughout the years of working at our Warehouse in Leamington, ON, Santosh has developed close friendships with many of her teammates and supervisors: “I have worked on many pack lines and all the people are so friendly and approachable. They are always helping me to learn and welcoming me back from my travels to India.”

When Santosh is not working the Packing lines you will find her spending time with her grandchildren and traveling to India when she can to visit her son. She is also excited that this past year she has been able to purchase a home and hopes that this new year will bring her son to Canada where she can have her whole family together.

To Santosh, being an honest and diligent worker helps her to meet the expectations of her supervisors and line leads. When working on our Packing lines Santosh needs to follow all food safety policies and procedures in place and keep focused while packing our products for shipment. Santosh is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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