Sara W.


“Nature Fresh Farms gave me a chance to prove myself and try something new.”

Sara W. was born in Mexico and moved to Canada with her family when she was seventeen. Her family moved around quite a bit before settling in Canada, and this made it difficult for Sara to regularly attend school. Despite this challenge, Sara has developed into a strong leader in the workplace – she is now one of our Greenhouse Supervisors at our newest Leamington, ON greenhouse!

A turning point for Sara was when she was first encouraged to take on a supervisory role at work: “When I first started working here in Canada, my Manager encouraged me to become a Supervisor, which I never thought I would be able to do because I couldn’t read English. But now I know that just because I didn’t get a lot of schooling doesn’t mean I can’t be a hard, successful worker.”

Everyone at Nature Fresh Farms works as a team and is happy to be there, and Sara really enjoys this culture: “I enjoy working with everyone here. I always try to make sure my team knows why we’re doing things a certain way – to make sure we’re doing what is best for the company! And even if I don’t speak the same language as my team, we always find a way to communicate and get the job done.”

In 2020 Sara is excited to continue taking online courses to improve her English reading skills! Sara is also looking forward to perfecting her sewing skills, staying connected to her faith, friends, and family, and continuing to support her church by cooking meals for special events and fundraisers.

As a Greenhouse Supervisor, Sara is responsible for ensuring her team understands what is expected of them and why their work is important to the company’s success. Sara also believes one of her most important priorities is to make sure her team enjoys what they do and feel comfortable in their roles. Sara is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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