Sarah F.


“I believe in what we’re building here, that’s for sure.”

Sarah F. has been surrounded by farms for as long as she can remember. She grew up working in a small Cucumber greenhouse and on fields full of cash crops owned by her parents, and even when she went into Bookkeeping for a few years, she had a side job on a farm! But about four years ago, Sarah naturally made her way back to agriculture full-time when she joined the Nature Fresh Farms team.

There’s something special about farming that Sarah can’t resist: “Even when I was sitting in the Bookkeeping office, I would think about farming and miss it. It is hard to put into words why I love this kind of work so much – there’s something new every day and it is really rewarding work.”

For Sarah, our leaders haven’t just built a community within our company – they are also building up the communities we grow in in important ways: “We’re in a position to help out in our community and support organizations like The Bridge here in Leamington, and we don’t shy away from it – that’s huge for me.”

Anyone who has met Sarah knows that she is extremely dedicated to her work, but she also loves joking around, staying active, and spending quality time with her friends and family. Sarah has also caught the travel bug – after a trip to Iceland earlier this year, she is planning her next trip to British Columbia!

While crop management is an important part of Sarah’s role on the Growing team, she believes one of her biggest responsibilities is communicating the quality of our crops to our Head Growers, Packhouse Managers, and everyone in-between. She spends a lot of her time creating reports for our team to review that outline the quality of our plants, fruit sizes, and more. Sarah is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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