Sarah K.


“This has been an exciting year because I found a really amazing place to work while continuing to learn a lot.”

Sarah K. has lived in a few different places before settling in Windsor, ON – she was born in Edmonton, AB, lived along the Alaska Highway in Fort Nelson, BC, and moved to Panama for four years before returning to Canada and settling in southwestern Ontario. Sarah studied Political Science followed by Public Relations, and it has been almost a full year since Sarah joined our team as a Public Relations Coordinator!

A Public Relations role was a good fit for Sarah because of her creativity and ability to multitask: “I like Public Relations and Marketing because it is diverse work. It fits under a very large umbrella of different tasks so I knew the job will never be boring. It is also a great creative outlet where we get to come up with interesting and fun ideas and then try to find a way to make it happen.”

Sarah is excited for what Nature Fresh Farms has in store for her: “Nature Fresh Farms is a new adventure for me. I’m learning a lot about an industry I never grew up around and getting to meet a lot of new people from many different backgrounds.”

Her family is one of the most important pieces of Sarah’s life. She is often spending her free time with her sisters and other family members playing board games, checking out local restaurants, and camping. Sarah is also excited to become an aunt for the first time in 2020!

Sarah’s role is diverse – she is responsible for writing copy for a variety of Sales materials, internal and external event planning and organization, and strengthening internal communications within our company. However, alongside the rest of our Marketing team, Sarah wears many hats and takes on whatever tasks come her way! Sarah is one of our #GrowToPeople.

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