Susana P.


“I love going to a store and seeing our products and thinking, ‘Maybe I helped pack that’!”

Having worked in Warehouse settings before, Susana P. was excited to start working in our newest Warehouse facility in 2019. Susana has come to thoroughly enjoy the role she plays in helping our products get packed before their final shipment to grocery stores across North America!

Working in a Warehouse environment provides Susana with new opportunities each and every day that she is on the job: “I chose this area of work because I wanted to learn more about the way fresh products can be packed, as well as to learn new skills. I learn every day, but I also get to help people and make sure they understand and enjoy the jobs they do in the Warehouse.”

Nature Fresh Farms represents a second home for Susana: “Nature Fresh Farms is a place where I’ve made a lot of memories and where I want to make more! I love telling everyone about how the team here puts so much effort into encouraging all our people to keep going, even when times get hard. I also love hearing people say that Nature Fresh Farms’ quality, the way we handle our products, and the taste of our products is great!”

Coming from a family of 8 people, Susana spends much of her free time helping around the house, as well as hanging out with her parents, siblings, and friends.

As a member of the Packing team at our newest Warehouse in Leamington, ON, Susana wears a few different hats – when she is not packing on the line, she is helping to train new team members or adjusting our packing line machinery for each unique pack format. Susana is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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