Susie W.


“I appreciate that Nature Fresh Farms’ management team creates an environment that encourages openness.”

Susie W. and her family moved to Canada in 2008, and a few years after they arrived, they relocated to Leamington, ON. When Susie was 15, she asked her father to help her find a job, and one day, he came home with news that he had found a job for her in the produce industry. Susie has happily continued working with produce, and she is currently one of our Line Leads!

Taking on a new role as a Line Lead was a big change for Susie: “This position requires me to think and act differently than I did in Quality Control. I am no longer working independently, but instead, I am responsible for other people and their work, as well as ensuring that orders are completed properly. This extra responsibility has been challenging but has allowed me to grow my skills. I’ve discovered that I really enjoy working closely with other people and communicating the company’s goals.”

For Susie, one of the best parts about working at Nature Fresh Farms is how helpful and open the people are: “If you have a problem, you can talk to your Supervisor without having to worry. They are not only understanding, but they also try to fix the situation.”

This has been an exciting year for Susie, especially with start in a new position. Susie is very excited to continue to develop within her new role at Nature Fresh Farms in the new year.

In her role as a Line Lead, Susie’s most important responsibility is to make sure her team is happy and safe. Susie also has paperwork that she completes daily to stay on top of inventory and orders. Ensuring that the orders are completed on-time and correctly is the second most important role she has in the company. Lastly, she is responsible for making sure that her team is carrying out their jobs in the best way possible. Susie is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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