Thina K.


“I like how friendly and open people are here.”

At the beginning of 2018, Thina K. and her husband moved from Alberta to southern Ontario, eager to see if they could make it their permanent home. In October 2018, they made their decision, packed their bags, and fully made the move! And since she has settled in the Leamington, ON area, Thina has become an important member of our Kitchen team at Nature Fresh Farms.

Cooking has always been one of Thina’s passions: “You would think that if I spent my whole day in a kitchen, I wouldn’t want to cook when I get home, but I love it! When I heard about the Kitchen Assistant job at Nature Fresh Farms I knew I would enjoy it, so I applied and ended up being hired. I have really enjoyed my time here.”

Thina enjoys the creative and experimental side of a career in cooking: “I like trying new recipes and learning new ways to cook food. But along with being creative and paying attention to the little details of a recipe or food styling, you also need to stay very organized in a kitchen like ours where we make so much food every day in a short period of time.”

Alongside cooking, Thina is passionate about health and nutrition. She recently acquired her certification as a Nutritionist, a big milestone for her! Thina and her husband also recently bought a hobby farm – Thina can’t wait to start raising grass-fed cows and chickens, as well as tending a big vegetable garden!

One of Thina’s most important responsibilities is ensuring all our team members get their lunches delivered to their work stations on schedule. Thina also helps with a variety of daily lunch preparation tasks and weekly meal planning. Thina is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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