Tim W.


“I’m back in the agricultural sector with one of the most exciting produce companies in North America.”

For many years, Tim W.’s family was involved in the rural agricultural sector growing crops like field Tomatoes, tobacco, corn, and beans–this helped develop his longstanding appreciation for local farming. Although Tim went in a different direction after his family sold their farms back in the 1990’s, he is excited to have found his way back to the industry as a member of our Sales team!

Tim developed some valuable skills over the years that have made his transition to our team a successful one: “I had the pleasure of working at another local successful business in town for 15 years. I learned the value of operating as a team to accomplish our shared goal–something Nature Fresh Farms also values. A sense of commitment and ethics are important pillars I also carry over into my new role.”

Having lived in Leamington, ON his whole life, Tim knows many people are proud to have a tie to the farming industry in this area: “Most of us that have lived in Leamington our whole life are somehow connected to agriculture and we’re proud to promote the industry. I had an opportunity to work briefly at Nature Fresh Farms after selling my sign business years ago. The incredible transformation of what this company was then, to what it is now, is amazing.”

Community and family are two very important parts of Tim’s life. He has enjoyed coaching little league baseball, as well as camping locally with his family. Tim also enjoys helping out with local minor sports, youth Arts programs, and distributing Christmas baskets with Goodfellows.

As a Sales Account Manager, Tim has a wide range of responsibilities. Working from a new side of the sector, Tim has spent much of his time paying attention to and learning from his colleagues, as well as developing a new professional network. Tim also works hard to stay informed of market trends related to our fresh products. Tim is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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