Tina P.


“Being a Bio Scout isn’t for everyone, but I am not bothered working with bugs and I love the work!”

Does Tina P. look familiar? She should! Tina’s twin sister Anna P. was recently featured on our Grow-To People, and just like her sister, Tina has worked as a Bio Scout in our greenhouse since November 2021.

As a Bio Scout Tina has grown accustomed to being in the greenhouse and working alongside bugs for our Integrated Pest Management system. Her day begins by preparing a scissor cart and using it to search for certain pests and diseases between the rows of plants. Any new findings she reports directly to the growers.

Tina enjoys working at Nature Fresh Farms, “Working in a greenhouse has always appealed to me. I love the warmth and the plants. I’ve found a great place for myself here; I can see a great future with lots of room for growth. Eventually I would like to move up, but I am still learning what area I like most.”

When Tina isn’t in the greenhouse, she enjoys spending her free time watching her favorite television show Friends or spending time with her actual friends, whether it’s going for coffee or walks.

Tina is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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