Tina P.


“When everyone is happy, we all work smoothly together.”

For the first 13 years of her life, Tina P. and her family lived in Mexico. Soon after her family made the move to Canada, Tina started working on field farms picking Cucumbers, planting Tomatoes, and even harvesting apples. But it was four years ago that Tina switched to the greenhouse side of agriculture and she started working in one of our Warehouses!

Working at our newest Warehouse in Leamington, ON has been a good challenge for Tina: “At this new Warehouse we have been operating brand-new machines that a lot of us had never worked with before. But that’s okay – we help each other every day and make sure we all know what we’re doing so the packing lines can run smoothly.”

As a Line Leader, Tina is always happiest when she sees the people on her lines working well together: “Everyone here works as a team, and everyone is always happy and friendly with one another. An important part of my job is to have everything set up properly for when people come into work – if everything is set up nicely, we will have a smooth day together.”

Tina likes to spend much of her free time with her husband, as well as visiting with her siblings. She also enjoys cooking, sewing, and attending church.

Alongside setting up the packing lines at the start of each day, Tina is responsible for ensuring orders are packed efficiently and carefully by her team. Tina also checks product and packaging quality so that only the best packs of Nature Fresh Farms produce leave our facilities. Tina is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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