Tina S.


“A passion for produce and a passion for logistics make a perfect balance in my life.”

For the last five years, Tina S. has been learning the ins and outs of the fresh produce industry, as well as the logistics behind it all. Tina has done work with shipping and receiving, truck loading, preparing of customs documents, carrier oversight, and everything in-between. Through her work experiences, Tina has developed a passion for what she does, and she has now begun applying all she has learned to a new position as a Procurement Administrator!

Nature Fresh Farms has a harmony that Tina has never experienced at any other workplace: “There is such a desire here to strive to be the best, not only as a company but personally. There are opportunities to grow and be more than just a person who fills a seat. My team is also supportive – whether it is something in my personal life or something in my career, I know they always have my back. It isn’t one person who creates greatness here – it is a team effort!”

So far, Tina’s time at Nature Fresh Farms has been full of personal growth: “I’ve really gotten to know myself and come to understand what really motivates me during my time at this company. I personally believe that if you don’t challenge yourself, then you will never totally know what makes you who you are.”

Tina enjoys spending her free time with her three kids and her husband, which is often at their sporting events! Tina and her family have also been big supporters of local hockey over the last couple of years – they have even billeted young players from Michigan, Holland, and the Czech Republic.

As our Procurement Administrator, Tina works hard every day to communicate with the Procurement, Sales, and Commodities teams to ensure all our orders are filled and all data on those orders is managed properly. Tina knows that when our customers’ needs are consistently met, growth is unstoppable – she is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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