Val B.


“A big part of why I really enjoy coming to work every day is the people.”

When she was still in high school, Val B. and her parents moved from British Columbia to southwestern Ontario. Val originally went to postsecondary to study Biomedical Engineering, and one of the courses she was required to take was Networking. She ended up switching her program and is currently studying to complete her degree in Networking at St. Clair College in Windsor, ON while working as a member of our IT team!

In Val’s role, she needed to develop a variety of hard skills to excel: “If you are a part of our IT team, you need to know a lot about computers, networks, and other tech. I focus more on computer software than computer hardware, but all members of our team know how to work with both. I also need to know how to help people with everything from running basic software to programming switches and updating our networks.”

The culture at Nature Fresh Farms has been a constantly positive aspect of work for Val: “What I like most about working here is the people – the work environment is friendly and positive, and I really like the people I get to work with every day. No other company could beat the culture we have here.”

While she has enjoyed her program, Val is excited to graduate from St. Clair College at the end of her school year. She is excited to have more free time and opportunities to spend time outside and travel!

Val and the rest of the IT team are responsible for ensuring all NatureFresh Farms employees are happy and comfortable with the technology they use in the workplace. If issues arise, Val and the IT team make sure they troubleshoot and solve problems as soon as they can. Val is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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