Veronica M.


“We don’t all share the same background, or even a common language, and yet, a commitment to teamwork and advancement is shared by the entirety of the company.”

There has always been a teacher’s soul inside of Veronica M. After attending the University of Windsor and attaining her teaching license, Veronica decided to become a teacher in London, England! When she returned home to southwestern Ontario, Veronica started with our team, teaching ESL courses to our staff once a week – but her role quickly expanded, and she became our full-time Education Coordinator!

It was a tough decision, but Veronica chose to step away from teaching elementary-age students to focus on adult student learning: “I chose to delve into adult education, with a focus on literacy and basic mathematic skills. I find working with older students to be extremely rewarding: they appreciate the chance to learn and then directly apply it to their everyday experience.”

Veronica finds the unique demographic of people working within our area and industry especially interesting: “Nature Fresh Farms is a company that depends on a workforce made up, in equal numbers, of both genders, as well as many different ethnicities and languages. When I think of the culture here, I think of true diversity.”

As a teacher, it’s no surprise that Veronica enjoys learning in her spare time, often taking courses at the local university to quench her thirst for knowledge. Veronica and her husband – who she married earlier this year – also love traveling and hosting get-togethers!

In her current role, Veronica plans and delivers curriculum tailored to each team member that she teaches. It’s also her job to properly assess each learner and teach them content that is applicable to both their work and daily lives. However, building relationships, establishing trust, and instilling confidence in her students are also essential parts of her role. Veronica is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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