Xiaoxiao G.


“This company is expanding very quickly–we have a very good future!”

Before moving to Canada in 2017 to pursue studies in Medical Biotechnology, Xiaoxiao G. was working as a consultant in her home country of China conducting research on giant pandas! After completing her degree at the University of Windsor, Xiaoxiao joined our Quality team at our Leamington-based Distribution Center. Now, Xiaoxiao is completing Quality research and development projects to help us fix supply chain pain points!

Starting her journey in the Quality department at Nature Fresh Farms helped Xiaoxiao get a full picture of what it’s like to work with fresh food: “I took a position in the Quality department because the work is related to food science. Working on the front lines, I saw exactly how our supply chain processes could affect the quality of our produce. This has helped me more easily apply my testing and research against real situations.”

What initially drew Xiaoxiao to Nature Fresh Farms was our Discovery Center: “I learned all about the trials being done in our Discovery Center on the Nature Fresh Farms website and I was very interested in getting involved with this side of the business. I’m happy to say I now participate in our internal Consumer Panel and am a Supertaster!”

Back in China, Xiaoxiao spent 15 years studying the piano–one of her greatest accomplishments was achieving the highest level of piano proficiency that they award in China! Along with playing piano in her spare time, Xiaoxiao also enjoys spending a quiet night at home with her cats.

As a member of our Quality R&D team, A typical day for Xiaoxiao involves conducting research so she can learn more about the supply chain pain points we want to fix, as well as planning, scheduling, driving, and tracking Quality R&D projects. Xiaoxiao is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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