Yejam P.


“To me, Nature Fresh Farms is a blessing.”

Originally from Chiapas, Mexico, Yejam P. has been living and working in Canada since October 2018. Yejam joined the Nature Fresh Farms team almost one year ago, allowing her to provide for her family still living in Mexico and start to create a new life here in Canada. Yejam is currently a Line Leader at our Leamington-based Distribution Center!

To be a strong Line Leader, Yejam knows she must be open to learning, keep a positive attitude, and be a team player: “I’m a fast learner which is important when working as a Line Leader. Also, everyone knows that they can rely on me, and that I’ll always do my best to help my team. It’s really important that our entire team works together and gets along!”

Although she started working in one of our Warehouses, Yejam has really enjoyed transitioning to her role as a Line Leader in the Distribution Center: “The main thing I like about working in the Distribution Center is that it feels like a family – I love the atmosphere, my co-workers, my Supervisor, everyone! And no matter what line I’m asked to run, I try my best and everyone on my line makes it easy to get the job done.”

In 2020, Yejam is looking forward to continuing her journey to become a permanent resident in Canada, as well as bringing her children to Canada to live with her full-time. As soon as her family is here, Yejam is looking forward to spending lots of quality time with them!

As a Line Leader, it is Yejam’s job to ensure everything on the packing line is in order before her team starts packing our products for shipment. It is also Yejam’s job to ensure everyone on her team feels comfortable in their position, and to set a good example for how their work should be done accurately and efficiently. Yejam is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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