Yisvanna G.


“I enjoy working with all aspects of food!”

A proud wife of 17 years and mother of 2, Yisvanna G. and her family made a cross-country move to Ohio in 2017. Once her family was settled in, Yisvanna couldn’t wait to get back to work – she knew she wanted to work with food, so when she heard about a position at the Nature Fresh Farms Warehouse in Maumee, OH, she immediately felt up to the challenge!

Yisvanna has always had a passion for food: “I have always loved cooking and baking, so I enrolled in college to study Culinary Arts. From my family’s little herb garden, to baking cookies and cakes on a Sunday afternoon, food is something I genuinely enjoy. And now that I’m at Nature Fresh Farms, I enjoy learning about and working with the fresh produce we grow and sell!”

Yisvanna has come to see Nature Fresh Farms as a growth-oriented company: “I began at Nature Fresh Farms as a General Laborer, and I have since moved into the role of Gatekeeper. By working in a company with good opportunities, I can make excellent progress on my family’s 2019 goals!”

What’s the most important thing you should know about Yisvanna? She is always willing to share her famous homemade chocolate chip cookies, but the recipe is top-secret!

Yisvanna always brings a positive attitude when she comes into work at our Warehouse in Maumee. As a Gatekeeper, it is crucial that she pays close attention to detail and ensures accuracy when printing labels, doing product counts, and filling out important paperwork and PTI (Pre-Trip Inspection) forms. Yisvanna is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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