Yonatan V.

Human Resources

“I want to grow in this company.”

Having moved here from Mexico to pursue a better quality of life, Yonatan V. and his wife have lived in Canada for just over a year and a half. In Mexico, Yonatan stuck within the hotel industry, managing events at different resort locations. His job at Nature Fresh Farms was his first in a new country – and he has been a welcome addition to our Human Resources team!

Yonatan came to Nature Fresh Farms knowing that his language skills would come in handy: “I decided to start working at this company because I knew that I would be able to be speaking both Spanish and English, and that was going to help me develop faster.”

Since this is Yonatan’s first time working at a farm, he knows there is still a lot for him to learn about the business: “Nature Fresh Farms is very important to me. I want to continue learning new things here and apply that knowledge so I can grow in this company.”

Although coming to Canada was a defining moment for Yonatan, getting married was just as incredible! Alongside spending time with his wife and family, Yonatan also enjoys walking his dog, going to the gym, and fishing during his spare time.

While working alongside the rest of the Human Resources team, Yonatan focuses much of his energy on supporting our Spanish-speaking workers located across our farms. Yonatan ensures that workers get proper uniforms, their residences are regularly inspected, and any and all their questions are answered. It’s important for our workers to feel confident that they have someone in the Human Resources department they are comfortable with and trust! Yonatan is one of our #GrowToPeople.

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