Zach L.


“We’re all pulling in the same direction, and everyone is always willing to help out and pitch in.”

Growing up, Zach L. always had an interest in cooking, learning many of his skills from his mom. When he was a teenager, his first job was at a hotel restaurant as a dishwasher – but he always kept his eye on the cooks. His managers noticed Zach taking an interest in cooking, and he quickly moved up the ranks, eventually running the kitchen! In 2015, Zach had the opportunity to join our team and has now become our Head Chef.

What Zach loves most about being a Chef is the fun, supportive atmosphere you can always find in a kitchen: “We basically have free range when it comes to getting artistic in the kitchen, which makes every day different and interesting. I have also built a lot of really good relationships in the kitchen because there is always comradery with our team!”

Zach describes Nature Fresh Farms as having a healthy culture: “I’ve never heard anyone who works here say ‘that’s not my job’. We all pitch in and help, and there is a great family atmosphere here. We also have great bosses who will never become complacent – they are always encouraging the company and their people to grow.”

Zach enjoys spending time with his wife and two dogs, cooking for family and friends, and traveling. He’s always sure to sample different cuisines throughout our community and in his travels.

Alongside his team in the kitchen, Zach is responsible for feeding our employees high-quality, healthy, delicious meals that always incorporate the products we grow! Zach also develops many new recipes to be shared on our website, encouraging our fans to eat more fresh produce. Zach is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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