Zanelle H.


“Even before I started here, the way Nature Fresh Farms treats their employees made them stand out as special to me.”

It was 14 years ago that Zanelle H. first began her career in the fresh produce industry. When she finished university, Zanelle started working for a produce grower in South Africa (her home country). Throughout her career Zanelle has learned about many different aspects of the produce industry, but she has always most enjoyed working for growers. Zanelle has most recently joined our Sales team as a Retail Sales Accounts Manager!

To excel in her new Sales role, Zanelle has had to perfect a very specific set of skills: “I went to university for finance and those skills have come in handy because you have to be quite analytical in a role like this. You also need to be able to solve different problems every single day. But most importantly, you need to be able to connect with people – even though I’m selling produce to people, I am also creating valuable connections.”

In her time with our team, there are a few things Zanelle has noticed about the culture and the people here: “Not only does this company treat their employees with respect, kindness, and personal care, they are also very focused on being honest with their business. I also really like their focus on sustainability and community development. I’m proud to work for a reputable company that truly cares.”

With her husband and 18-month old son with her here in Canada, Zanelle is looking forward to building their family’s home and settling in in her new community this year. Welcome to Essex County, Zanelle!

As a Retail Sales Accounts Manager, Zanelle will be tasked with building engaged relationships with current and prospective partners, identifying and pursuing opportunities for business expansion, and supporting our company’s rapid growth with her knowledge and expertise. Zanelle is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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