Why buying local is better

  • Ontario Grown

    Our OntarioRed™ Tomatoes are grown in Leamington, ON so you'll always get the freshest product..

  • Family Grown

    Family grown since 1999, the #GrowToPeople have a passion for fresh produce and innovation.

  • Vine-Ripened

    Due to close proximity to retailers, we allow our Tomatoes to fully ripen on the vine, ensuring maximum flavor.

  • Greenhouse Grown

    Our greenhouses allow us to provide our products with the controlled, hands-on environment that they deserve.

  • Exceptional Flavor

    OntarioRed™ Tomatoes are consistently high in flavor and quality. Perfect for salads, pastas or raw - you choose!

  • Full of Nutrients

    Packed full of lycopene, vitamin A & C, and delicious flavor, these Tomatoes are nutrient powerhouses.

  • Traceability

    Using the latest traceability technology, we are able to pinpoint where every product was picked in our greenhouses.

  • Videos

    #LearnHowWeGrow videos help educate the consumer - click to see how we grow