Hand selected produce

With unique merchandising options such as The TomBox™, The TomBar™ or The TomBall™ Machine, we are putting control back into the consumers’ hands.

Consumers can now choose the type & quantity they want to purchase. Hand selected. Your way. NatureFresh™ Farms provides consumers with not only the ability to choose their produce, but the knowledge of where their food comes from. We want you to know exactly where your produce comes from and how it is grown. We believe that knowledge is key to living a healthy lifestyle.

How we grow 
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Healthy Snacks TOMZ™

Don’t settle for flavorless tomatoes this winter, look for Ohio grown TOMZ™ Tomatoes at your local grocery store because flavor is a difference maker.

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Ohio Fresh

Our new state-of- the-art expansion in Delta, Ohio boasts energy saving technology and increasing opportunities for the future of year-round produce grown in Ohio.

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Sustainable Growing Future of Fresh

As society and produce continue to change on a daily basis, so are we. We believe that focusing on quality & transparency is the way of the future.

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