Our Sales team moves thousands of cases of fresh greenhouse-grown fruits and vegetables every day. From bulk orders to custom packs, our team is actively engaged with different retail partners to help them meet their customer's needs.

Now that’s fresh.

Our Sales Team

Frank N head shot

Frank Neufeld

General Manager

Ray Wowryk

Director of Business Development

Matt Q head shot

Matt Quiring

Director of Sales

Zanelle Hough - Retail Sales

Zanelle Hough

Sales Office Manager

Photo of Danny Dib

Danny Dib

Sales - Wholesale/Foodservice Representative

Conor C head shot

Conor Chilvers

Retail Sales Account Manager

Pam Cherwak Headshot

Pam Cherwak

Sales Account Manager

Photo of John Heide

John Heide

Sales / Retail Account Administrator

Photo of Amber Reinhardt

Amber Reinhardt

Sales Administrator Supervisor

Jocelyn M head shot

Jocelyn Mastronardi

Retail Sales Administrator

Mahe M head shot

Maheshwari Mohan

Retail Sales Administrator

Niels K head shot

Niels Klapwijk

Export Trade Consultant

Photo of Paul Hulsbos

Paul Hulsbos

Director of Procurement, Mexico

Photo of Johnny Neufeld

Johnny Neufeld

Procurement Manager

Photo of Ryan Connor

Ryan Connor

Procurement Manager

Photo of Nick Phelan

Nick Phelan

Procurement Administrator