Growing for our world

At Nature Fresh Farms, we are always on the hunt for ways to do better, both for our farm and for our planet, and we believe that making our growing environment as sustainable as possible is one of the best ways to ensure our future is fresh. By using important resources in a sustainable way, and by being innovative with new technologies, we can better ensure that our environment is preserved for future generations.

We want to change the way people eat.

Plants are grown in Ground-up coconut husks

  • Plants are grown in coconut husks
  • Water is recirculated in a closed-loop system
  • Clean waste wood is burned to create energy
  • Good bugs are used to reduce pesticides
  • Energy screens keep our heating system efficient
  • Less food miles means a smaller carbon footprint

Food for Thought

Reducing food waste is one of our top priorities at Nature Fresh Farms. We have partnered with local organizations to donate produce every week, allowing us to get food to our neighbors in need and reduce the amount of produce we may be wasting. For as long as hunger threatens people in our communities, we are committed to lending a helping hand.