Introducing the greenhouse education centre

a 38’ long mobile snapshot of our 160 acre farm in Leamington, ON and 45 acres in Delta, OH that was built to show consumers how we grow. Traveling to locations throughout eastern North America, check out our calendar to see when we are coming to a town near you.

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Do you know?

Not all vegetables are created equal.
From carrots to broccoli to Tomatoes, they are all different. What further differentiates vegetables is how they are grown. Greenhouse grown Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, and Cucumbers are the most consistently flavorful vegetables there are. Our sustainable growing environment where we recycle 100% of our nutrient water, grow in medium that is not dirt, and use Bumble Bees to pollinate our flowers allows us to be unique. We are a family owned & operated greenhouse operation with facilities in Leamington, Ontario and Delta, Ohio that enables us to grow year-round, although we cannot grow year round in a single greenhouse. This is because of how greenhouses work: the greenhouse grows tomatoes for 10 months per year. During the remaining 2 months of a 12 month cycle, the greenhouse facility is cleaned and disinfected to prepare for the next crop cycle. Typically the cleaning process starts with the removal and shredding of all current plant material. The facility is then swept and air blown to gather any other debris. The next step is disinfection. This step is very important because it allows us to do all we can to ensure that the new plants have the least chance of being subject to harmful external factors such as pests and disease, and enables limited and targeted pesticide spray use. After the greenhouse has been disinfected and dried we can then begin to prep for the arrival of new plants. During this down time for production, various maintenance is done on the facility including checking and repairing water systems, packaging lines, scissor carts and greenhouse controls. At the end of this 2 month process, new tomato plants are planted and the cycle begins again. Our challenge? Do consumers really know how their vegetables are grown and where they come from? Surprisingly, most do not. This is where we come in.

a learning experience for all

The Greenhouse Education Center is an essential tool in our quest to increase fresh produce consumption.

Custom built as an exact snapshot of what our actual greenhouses look like, witness first hand how we grow. From our recycled coconut husk base right up to the watering tubes to energy curtains and computerized venting system, we are an eco-friendly and sustainable growing operation. Greenhouse grown produce is the most consistently flavorful produce available.
At 38’ feet in length and is equipped with a tri-axle air-ride suspension system, the GEC is a powerhouse on wheels. Loaded with 3 different types of Bell Peppers, two types of Tomatoes and long English Cucumbers, this roadside attraction is a science project on wheels. Be sure not to miss the Bumble Bee Eco-System that is located at the back end of the trailer.
Why do you ask? It’s simple: do you know where your produce comes from? Most people do not know. We have taken it upon ourselves to educate consumers on how greenhouse produce is grown so the next time you walk in to your favorite grocery store and you pick up a package of Nature Fresh Farms Tomatoes, Bell Peppers or Cucumbers, you will know how it is grown.
  • We need a healthy community
  • Is #fresh part of your vocabulary?
  • What does greenhouse really mean?
  • Quality & Food Safety are #1 in our world
  • Know who grows your vegetables
Schools & Camps
  • A science project on wheels
  • Emphasis on healthy eating
  • Growing101; recycling gets redefined
  • Support the Half Your Plate program
  • We all need to eat brighter!™
Retail Partners
  • Engage with shoppers
  • Focus on nutrition
  • Increase #freshproduce consumption
  • Perform product demos in store!
  • Promote healthy living!

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Eco plug icon Nature Fresh Farms was the first greenhouse operation in Ontario to use renewable energy as a main source of energy.
water drop icon In addition to 0% nutrient water discharge, Nature Fresh Farms maximizes water efficiency by recycling the excess irrigation water that the plants do not utilize.
bug icon Integrated Pest Management systems that use good bugs such as Lady Bugs and many others to reduce the need of pesticides.
friendly packaging icon Bright friendly packaging that is the most environmentally responsible. All Nature Fresh Farms packaging is 100% recyclable.
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