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Eating fruits and vegetables is extremely important in keeping our future generation happy and healthy. Here at Nature Fresh Farms we jump at any opportunity to engage youth and teach young minds about living a healthy lifestyle. It is not uncommon to find us speaking to groups of students in schools and camps throughout North America.

By involving students in live demonstrations and allowing them to assist in building their own recipes we enable students to realize how fun and tasty eating healthy can be.

Eat More Fresh

Learn about the importance of eating fresh & how it can be fun!

Learn How We Grow

Learn how your Tomatoes, Bell Peppers & Cucumbers are grown.

Hands on Learning

Have you ever seen a bug up close? Or buried your hand in coconut husk?


Learn about the #FutureOfFresh & how we take care of the environment

Valuable Resources

Receive valuable resources that will make it easier to #EatMoreFresh

Have Questions?

Curious minds? We are here to answer any questions your class may have.


It is important for teachers & parents to have the necessary resources to keep students interested in #Fresh

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The Bug Brigade

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Discovering The Future

Nature Fresh Farms is discovering the future of fresh in our Discovery Center, a 2.5-acre trial greenhouse and research center.

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Fresh UpdatesBlog

Check out our Blogs page to stay up to date on all the exciting things going on at Nature Fresh Farms and learn about key topics that matter to us.

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Greenhouse Education Center

The Nature Fresh Farms Greenhouse Education Center is a fully operational mobile greenhouse that travels across eastern North America to show people how their food is grown and where it comes from.

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