Reducing Plastic With Compostable Packaging

We can’t talk about Cucumbers without talking about packaging.

Long English Cucumbers – the ones you often find at your local grocery store – have thin skin and a high water content, which means they need to be wrapped to extend their shelf life and protect them from injury. But the plastic that these Cucumbers are traditionally wrapped in usually ends up in a landfill. So, we asked ourselves this important question:

How can we keep both our products and the planet protected with our packaging choices?

100% Home Compostable Cucumber Wrap

After 2 years of thorough research and development, we have officially launched our 100% home compostable Cucumber wrap in the North American marketplace! This compostable wrap is the first of its kind in North America, and we believe it will pave the way for even more green packaging options to grace the shelves of grocery stores across the continent.

Made from a starch-based material and printed with compostable ink, this eco-friendly wrap fully breaks down in a home compost bin without leaving behind any microplastics – all while keeping our Cucumbers crisp, cool, and protected.

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Did you know?

For every 5 million Long English Cucumbers we package in this 100% compostable wrap, we will save the equivalent of 23 million plastic straws from entering landfills!

How to Compost

Unwrapped Cucumber

step 1:


Slice, dice, & serve your Cucumber.

Compost Pile

step 2:


Place the wrap in your home compost bin.

Plant in Soil

step 3:


Wait 90 days & add the compost to your garden!

The Seeds We Plant Matter

1 share = 1 tree planted

Spread the word: October 2020

Planting a seed means laying the groundwork for something to grow over time. Whether that seed is planted in the ground to grow a tree, or in a greenhouse to grow a Cucumber, or in our hearts to grow our respect for the earth, seeds matter.

To celebrate our new compostable Cucumber wrap, Nature Fresh Farms is pledging to plant up to 25,000 trees with One Tree Planted to help our forests thrive. For every share our post receives on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn throughout the month of October, a seed will be planted to help grow a kinder future.

Together We Can Make A Difference!

25,000 Trees Planted

Share to Plant a Tree


"We are confident in this product’s ability to make a true difference (in reducing harmful plastic waste)."

Luci F., Product Development Specialist

"The launch of the compostable wrap is a demonstration of our commitment to our consumers’ wants of reducing plastic usage."

Matt Q., Director of Sales

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