Anna P.


“I would recommend Nature Fresh Farms as a place to work to anyone because of all the great people you get to meet.”

Anna P. is used to a busy environment growing up in a family with eight siblings, which is why she fits in so well at our bustling greenhouse! In November of 2021, Anna moved from packing to working in the greenhouse as a Bio Scout.

As a Bio Scout, Anna’s job is to maintain our Integrated Pest Management system (IPM). It is up to Anna, and the rest of the IPM team, to introduce the good bugs to the greenhouse and keep a close eye on the bad bugs making sure to report all findings to the growers.

Though working with bugs was something she never thought she’d do, Anna has really enjoyed the experience, “I love being a Bio Scout and spending the day in the greenhouse. There are always opportunities to change roles, but right now I’m happy to learn everything I can in this position.”

Growing up in Kingsville, Ontario she has always been around the agriculture industry and knew it was a place where she could grow and begin a career. “I’ve gained many friends working at Nature Fresh Farms; with so many different people with different backgrounds you will always find someone to connect with.”

When she’s not spending time with bugs, Anna is putting in time with her friends or family. This summer she looks forward to celebrating the many weddings that are coming up this year.

Anna is one of our #GrowtoPeople!

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