Ashley C.


“There is always something new and exciting to look forward to at Nature Fresh Farms!”

Ashley C. got into the Accounting field by accident, but once she found herself there, she knew she was doing work that she truly enjoys. After 12 years of working in management and bookkeeping at a local grocery store, Ashley wanted to find another job with greater opportunities for growth – and that’s when she found a position with our Accounting team in Leamington, ON!

One of Ashley’s most defining moments was leaving her job in search of something different: “During my final years at the store, I started to realize there were no more growth opportunities for me there, and I didn’t want to work somewhere that I didn’t fully enjoy anymore. I’m happy to have found Nature Fresh Farms when I did!”

The innovative culture is something that Ashley loves about our company: “From finding eco-friendly packaging options to new pest management tools, we are always trying new things and looking for the next big project.”

Ashley spends most of her free time with her fiancé and their four Weiner dogs! She also enjoys “activities” – going on food adventures, taking classes to learn new skills, and doing things outdoors. This year, her and her fiancé are excited to move into their new home and plan their wedding!

Throughout her day in the Accounting office, Ashley performs all Accounts Receivable duties for Nature Fresh Farms Sales – she sends and processes invoices, collects and applies payments, and resolves any discrepancies that may occur. Ashley is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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