Bumble Bee

Bug Brigade

“To say we’re Busy Bees is an understatement!”

As a species native to North America, the Bumble Bee is known far and wide as one of the best natural pollinators in the world. Over 20 years ago, when the Nature Fresh Farms team began growing fresh veggies in greenhouses, we started to employ Bumble Bees to help pollinate our plants. Since then, our Bumble Bee team has worked sun-up to sun-down every day to get the job done!

We caught up with one of our Bumble Bee team members to learn more about what it takes to be a powerhouse pollinator: “Here’s the buzz: to pollinate all these Tomato flowers, we’ve all gotta beeee fast and accurate! And we know we gotta work nicely with the humans around us – they’re the bees knees and their jobs are important too.”

Our Bees are incredibly proud of the work they do at Nature Fresh Farms: “Without us buzzing around their greenhouses every day, Nature Fresh Farms would not be able to grow their tasty Tomatoes. And did you know we can pollinate over 10 million Tomato flowers in just one week? Wowzzza! We’re pretty efficient if you ask me!”

At the end of a long workday, our Bumble Bees always return to their home hives to get some well-deserved shuteye. Speaking of eyes – Bumble Bees have five!

In the process of buzzing around the greenhouse in search of nectar and pollen to bring back to their hives, our Bumble Bees are also pollinating our Tomato flowers! And every pollinated flower will mature and transform into a juicy, flavorful Tomato. Our Bumble Bees are essential members of our #GrowToPeople team!

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