Cristian B.


“In a big, multicultural environment like Nature Fresh Farms, you can learn from anyone and everyone!”

In 2019, Cristian B. came to Canada from Honduras to pursue a better quality of life and grow his career in the Canadian greenhouse farming industry. Having studied Agriculture in Honduras, Cristian came to Canada with knowledge that he was excited to apply at Nature Fresh Farms. Cristian is currently our Assistant Labor Manager in our greenhouses!

In his position as our Assistant Labor Manager, Cristian has developed a specific set of skills that have helped him excel in his role: “Communication is a very important skill I’ve developed. But being able to manage people in a variety of roles is just as important for my job. From Guest Workers to Greenhouse Supervisors, I’ve needed to learn how to support different people in many ways.”

Something Cristian truly believes is that he can learn a lot from the team at Nature Fresh Farms: “I still have many things to learn about this industry, but by interacting with my team members, I can learn so much. There are a lot of opportunities to grow here, and since coming to Canada, I’ve grown a lot both personally and professionally.”

With his family still located in Honduras, Cristian likes to spend a lot of his free time talking to his son and the rest of his family back home. In the summer months, Cristian also enjoys getting active outside by playing soccer and going for runs or walks.

Cristian is responsible for the management of greenhouse labor tasks, as well as for properly completing labor planning before each new season. Cristian also works closely with other departments to ensure our Guest Workers have everything they need to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. Cristian is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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