Cornelius N.


“Nature Fresh Farms is a company full of opportunities.”

Working in the greenhouse industry for 20 years, Cornelius N. has learned a lot about greenhouse growing and what it takes to run a successful operation. When the opportunity presented itself in 2015, Cornelius made the move to Ohio to become the Greenhouse Operations Manager at Nature Fresh Farms in Delta – and now, he is our Operations Manager at both our Canadian and US farms.

Cornelius has done almost every job a greenhouse farm has to offer: “I have had a lot of different roles within the industry – I’ve been a General Laborer, Greenhouse Supervisor, Assistant Grower, Labor Manager, and now Operations Manager. Working in agriculture is my passion.”

Over almost four years, Cornelius has seen a lot of change take place at our greenhouse in Ohio: “From where we started to now, we have come a long way. It was a challenging start at times because we were the first commercial-sized greenhouse to start up in Fulton County, but almost four years later, we are now sitting in a great spot.”

This year, Cornelius knows he will continue to set high expectations for himself and the operation he manages: “I always want to do the best I can, both professionally and personally. My expectations are high, but I know that if I take things as they come and respond in a smart way, I’ll find success.”

As the Operations Manager in both Ohio and Ontario, Cornelius has a lot of responsibility on his plate – and by effectively managing both greenhouse facilities, he can ensure that, every season, there are millions of fresh Nature Fresh Farms Tomatoes, Peppers, and Cucumbers for your family to enjoy! Cornelius is one of the #GrowToPeople.

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