Daniel P.


“By investing in their employees, Nature Fresh Farms maintains a good company culture.”

From studying International Trade to spending time abroad in Thailand, Chile, and Mexico, Daniel P. has always been fascinated by the global movement of people and goods. Daniel spent a few years working at a customs broker before finding his way into the logistics side of the fresh produce industry, and earlier this year, Daniel joined our Logistics team to help us move our produce across North America!

The ins and outs of customs have become Daniel’s specialty: “While working at the customs broker, I completed the Certified Customs Specialist exam through the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers. This taught me how to properly classify goods and educated me on customs rules and regulations. But through all the different positions I have held, I’ve learned a lot about how the fresh produce business flows and operates.”

It hasn’t taken Daniel long to see that Nature Fresh Farms cares about both our team and driving innovation within our industry: “Nature Fresh Farms has demonstrated to me that they value their employees and give them every opportunity to succeed within the organization. They also develop new products and methods of doing business on a regular basis.”

Community involvement is something Daniel has strong beliefs about. Being involved with the local Rotary Club, volunteer firefighting, and coaching local sports teams have all allowed Daniel to help contribute to the development of his community.

In conjunction with the rest of our Logistics department, Daniel works to ensure all cross-border shipments are cleared through customs, that our team properly classifies all tariff codes, and that all updates to customs rules and regulations are strictly followed. Daniel is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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